Governance Overview

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At PSEG, we are committed to good corporate governance and ethical behavior, through the oversight of our Board of Directors, guided by our Corporate Governance Principles and the Standards of Conduct, our code of conduct. We have established a leadership structure to effectively manage our business, focusing on Operational Excellence, Financial Strength and Disciplined Investment. Our risk management program forms an integral part of our corporate culture, along with core values of safety, diversity and transparency.

Governance Structure

Our Corporate Governance Principles and the Charters of our Board Committees emphasize the independence and responsibilities of our Directors. These are outlined in detail in our proxy statement, together with the skills and qualification of each member of our Board.

Corporate Responsibility

PSEG's vision is to provide safe, reliable, economic and greener energy. This is evidenced by our commitment to customers, our employees, the environment, our communities and the economy.

Shareholder Engagement

We believe in transparent disclosure and constructive dialogue with our stockholders. We strive to be clear and informative in our Form 10-K, proxy statement and other communications. We welcome our investors' comments and suggestions.